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Books by Richard D. Rowland

Books by Richard D. Rowland

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I am now offering all three of my late husband's books for sale here on Earthly Suds. Richard was an inspirational soul who became a motivational speaker and mentor to many others also experiencing cancer. Each book is quite different.   Softcover editions.


Unspoken Messages: When someone faces an end-of-life diagnosis, he or she may have all hope of a continued existence and enjoyable quality of life taken away by people employed in this country’s traditional medical profession. Discover how you can find hope where none is offered and restore your peace of mind. In part one of Unspoken Messages: Spiritual Lessons I Learned from Horses and Other Earthbound Souls, read about spiritual experiences that are far beyond coincidental.You will leave part one convinced that animals are old souls with deep and ancient abilities to communicate with us if only we will open our hearts, minds, and eyes to their means of communication.Part two of Unspoken Messages is a guide to be used not only by those experiencing the possibility of an end to their physical existence, but by their loved ones too. It leads you through the life of a person that has lived the fear of death firsthand, traveled the path before you, and ultimately reached a place that is peaceful and filled with promise of an eventual continuation.


A Glimpse behind the Veil: Did a tiny bird in Texas really communicate with a horse and convince him it was okay to load on a trailer he’d never been on?Did a horse, after a three-year absence, know that its previous owner was present by hearing a harmonica being played?Did a horse, who had never acted up, hurt its owner on purpose so she would go to the doctor, where she discovered cancer had returned?Richard D. Rowland seeks the answer to fascinating questions as he explores the connection between humans and animals.As someone who was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer and given three years to live (more than twelve years ago), the human-animal bond is a subject he knows well.Animals caused him to rethink life and showed him things he never thought possible—and they led him to write his previous book, Unspoken Messages: Spiritual Lessons I learned from Horses and Other Earthbound Souls.Based on his interviews with people throughout the world, this book expands on how animals are misunderstood—and how they’re much smarter than most people believe.


Just for Today:  This book contains thirty affirmations, one for each day of the month. It is designed to be read one affirmation at a time, much like you would flip the pages of a daily calendar. Each of Richard’s quotes are designed to uplift the soul and give direction to your day. Maybe even a different direction to your life.Order a copy now!

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