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A New Year; time for reflection and self-care.

Happy New Year! I hope this post finds you all happy and healthy. As I exchanged the wall calendar in the kitchen for a new one, I found myself reflecting back on 2023 and all the obstacles I faced, and how I got through them. I have to say it wasn't the easiest year I've ever had but the important thing to remember is that I met every challenge head on and survived! I am ready to head into 2024 with my new confidence.

Lately I've been feeling the need to get back outside into nature. Even though it's winter in Maine, we've been lucky so far with very mild weather. Here it is the middle of January and it's really just now starting to feel like winter. I took a nice walk on Christmas morning through the woods; at the time we didn't have any snow on the ground. The air was refreshing with the earthy scents of moss and pine, and I could hear the songs of birds and the barking of squirrels who were not happy to have me in their territory.

I've never been one to make new year's resolutions; instead, I start new exercise programs, or healthier eating etc., in December. I guess that way if I fail, I don't feel so bad! And by the time January rolls around I'm ahead of the game by a few weeks.

One thing I did do recently is make myself an affirmation board which I put on the refrigerator with magnets so I would see it several times a day. This board has several photos, clipart, and affirmations I wrote for myself as reminders, mainly to be kind to myself, that I am strong and capable, and to take care of myself. This idea came from a friend of mine and I find I am reciting the affirmations a couple times a day. Plus, it was fun to sit and put together!

I've been feeling more creative lately too, which of course I use in my soap making. I have several brand-new scents and designs on the curing racks. I'm restocking not just from the holiday sales but soon my products will be in several gift stores in three different counties. I'll post a list on Facebook once they are all delivered. I'm also revamping the business logo, so I'll be unveiling that soon too! (Above is the new men's soap called King of the North).

did you make any New Year's resolutions? If so, how are you doing with them? Leave me a comment and let me know!


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I am so happy for you that you will have your products in several gift stores! Fantastic. New Year's resolutions, well, struggling with those. I ended up sick with a bad cold and with my heart issues, it has been a real struggle. My limited exercise program ceased so now, once I feel better I will try to get back on track. I want you to know, I fully enjoy your products and it is a real spa treat for me to use your soaps and scrubs! I have my stash of lip balms which I LOVE and use daily, all day. Safe travels there in Maine and wishing you a huge success in your business, Becky

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