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Feeling like Spring

Hi everyone, Jennifer here. I just realized it's been since January since I've written a new blog. Time sure flies as they say. So, I've settled down with a fresh cup of java and am prepared to write!

It's not spring according to the calendar yet, but it sure feels like it here on the coast. We were lucky this winter in that we had a very mild one. The plow guys weren't happy, but it sure helped my wallet and budget! I only had to be plowed out twice, the third time we only had a few inches of light, fluffy snow, so I took care of it myself with my Kawasaki mule which is fitted with a small plow.

The thermometer hit 53 degrees today, very unseasonable for mid-March in Maine, but I didn't hear anyone complaining. Like me, I think everyone is ready to get outside and do some yard work. I have several trees down from the various Tropical storms we had, and some roofing shingles that need to be replaced; I'm on a list for that with a contractor.

To kill time this winter I kept busy renovating another room in the old homestead; I tackled the upstairs hallway. After removing five layers of old wallpaper and a horsehair backed carpeting, I painted everything and had new paper put up. I've also been trying to learn how to make sourdough bread - notice I said trying; I think I've tossed more loaves than eaten. The Earthly Suds Co. logo was refreshed as well to add a sunrise over the water. Considering we are located in Washington County, the first to see the sun in the United States, I thought it fit. Then I decided I needed to paint all of my displays I use at craft shows and festivals to match the colors in the new logo. What do you think of it?

sun rising over water
Earthly Suds Co. logo

Before I got busy with renovations and painting projects, I made soap like a mad woman. All of my curing racks are full as well as the top of some other pieces of furniture. I wanted to get stocked up before gardening season hits. Red Berries & Rhubarb is making a comeback this summer, it's always a customer favorite. For new scents I have Frosted Seaglass (pictured below), Tangerine & Bergamot, and Blueberries & Cream just to name a few. Not all of them are for the website, I've saved several batches specifically for festivals; so you'll have to stop by and see me at some of them! You can check the Facebook page and look under events to see where I'm booked so far.

a bar of pretty soap
New Frosted Seaglass soap

I plan on joining the local Farmer's Market again this summer so keep your fingers crossed for me that we have nice gardening weather! I have all my seeds and have mapped out where to plant everything. I'll be starting seedlings in the kitchen soon. My little hothouse got carried off by the wind last summer so I am getting ready to start building a new one that will be made of wood and be much studier. It will come in handy to acclimate my tender plants before they are ready to be put in the ground.

Do you any of you garden? What do you plant? Let me know, it's always fun to compare notes with other gardeners so leave a comment. In the meantime, happy spring and keep in touch!


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